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New York State


NYS Unemployment Application

For Uber, Lyft, Via, Black Car Drivers (or self employed)

You have the right to get Unemployment Insurance RIGHT NOW. That is, cash for total job loss (max is $504/week) because there is no work, or you stopped working because the job was not safe, or because you could not make more than the Minimum Wage.


1. Before starting, write down all jobs that you have had over the past 18 months:

 For each job, you will need: name of company, address, phone number, and the months worked

 If you work for multiple car services, for example Uber and Lyft, be sure to mention both jobs.

 If you have any other employment outside of driving, be sure to mention that too.

You can file online or over the phone***

2. Go to the DOL website:

 Set up a user ID for your account at website: On the left hand side of the page, you will see the box to create an ID and log in


**Dept of Labor is asking workers to file on specific days of the week depending on the first letter of your last name***

 Monday: last names starting with A-F

 Tuesday: last names starting with G-N

 Wednesday: last names starting with O-Z

 Everyone can file Thursday – Sunday


You can call

2B. To file by telephone, call 1-888-209-8124

You can ask for a translator when filing over the phone

 Telephone filing hours are: Monday through Thursday 8 am-7:30 pm; Friday 8 am- 6 pm; Saturday 7:30 am – 8 pm

  1. Keep a record of when you apply, what happens, and any conversations you have with DOL staff.
  2. More instructions can be found here:


Yellow Cab Lease

You have the right to apply for Disaster Unemployment, a special unemployment program where non-employees are extended benefits when the federal government declares a state a disaster zone, as the President has with NYS. We are still waiting for details from the government on this. BUT In order to qualify for DUA, you may first need to prove that you are not eligible for regular unemployment. This means having to apply for and be denied for unemployment. It’s important you also get started now.


Livery Drivers: You should also apply for Unemployment now. You may need to also apply for Disaster Unemployment (like yellow cab lease drivers.) It’s important you also get started now.

Yellow Cab Medallion Owner-Drivers and Green cab SHL Holders: Apply for the city’s 0-interest business loans. We have asked the TLC to help industry people apply and to process industry applications on behalf of the city so it can be faster.


Go to:

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