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Career Guideline


Career Guideline

Evaluate your certificate

  • If you have high school certificate (Equivalence of US highschool diploma) or bachelor or master degree then you can evaluate your certificate to get the us equivalent credit
  • If you finished high school then you can enroll to associate degree in a local community college / you can enroll to diploma or short course in local training institute.
  • After finish short course you need to take any certification to prove your skill and to show on your resume to get job. It is not recommended but it will help to get job.
  • If you finished bachelor or master degree in a foreign country, then you can evaluate your certificate to get less class in any us university to get bachelor degree in us.
    • Many skill job requires license from state authority.

Certificate Evaluation

Following are some organization where you can send your certificate to evaluate your course.

  1. World Education Service

  1. Educational Credential Evaluators

Educate yourself for better future


Long Term

  • Associate & Bachelor degree
  • Duration: Full time – 2/4 years
  • Duration: Part time – 4/6 + years

Short term

  • Certificate / Diploma course
  • Private preparation
  • Duration 3 months to 1 year depends on course and institute

Short course on demand

•Auto Repair Technician •AUTO CAD ESSENTIAL
•Dental assistant •PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
•Residential electrician •FITNESS AND NUTRATION
•Medical billing & Coding •Roof Installer 
•Pharmacy technician professional •REAL ESTATE AGENT

                                                                  IT Career        

•Software Engineer •Cisco Administrator
•Hardware Engineer •Health Inforamtion Technician
•Software & App developer / Programmer  •Microsoft Certified Professional
•System Architect  •Project Management
•Cyber Security •Quality Assurance
•System Analyst & Design •Business Analyst
•Database Administrator •Graphics & Animation Designer
•Network Administrator •Help Desk 
•SAP / ERP administrator / Analysist